Fish Biology Group
National Institute of Aquatic Recourses
Technical University of Denmark

Dr. Jonna Tomkiewicz
Phone: +45 35883408

National Institute of Aquatic Recourses
Technical University of Denmark
Charlottenlund Castle, Jaegersborg Allé 1,
Dk-2920 Charlottenlund (Denmark)

Group description
The Fish Biology Group is part of the Marine Ecology Section at the National Institute of Aquatic Recourses, Technical University of Denmark ( The group includes 3 professors/research scientists, 1 PostDoc, 2 PhDs, 2 technicians, and several MSc and BSc students. The group focuses on individual-based studies related to reproduction, growth, and behaviour in fishes. Fish reproductive and nutritional physiology, eco-physiology, morphology and molecular genetics are key research areas. Ecological field studies and statistically designed experiments are integrated activities.

Main lines of research
Specific research foci of the group include:
 Growth and developmental characteristics throughout ontogeny
 Nutritional physiology, nutritional requirements, and energetics
 Gametogenesis, reproductive traits and physiology, life history theory, and fitness
 Gamete quality, offspring viability, and developmental competence
 Eco-physiology, requirements and constraints, internal and external drivers
Integrated interdisciplinary work includes the project: Captive European eel reproduction: broodstock nutrition, induced maturation and egg quality, fertilisation and embryonic development competence and larval culture (

National Institute of Aquatic Recourses:
Research Area Individual-based Studies:
Education Programs in Aquatic Science and Technology:
PRO-EEL Project. Reproduction of European Eel: Towards a Self-sustained Aquaculture.

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