2nd Training School, Rennes (France), June 2014

Molecular basis of fish gamete quality
Rennes (France), 23rd – 27th June, 2014

Scientific report

The 2nd Training School of the AQUAGAMETE COST Action, entitled “Molecular basis of fish gamete quality” started on the morning of June 23rd, 2014. Organised by Dr. Catherine Labbé (INRA), Dr. Christian Fauvel (IFREMER), and Julien Bobe (INRA), it was attended by 16 early stage researchers from 10 different countries and 13 expert trainers.

The Training School was organized in 8 lectures, in which students learnt about (1) the available molecular tools to investigate gamete quality in aquaculture species (J Bobe), (2) the concepts of microarray design, hybridization, and analysis (A Le Cam & J Montfort), (3) the issues of
gamete quality management in newly domesticated species in the context of aquaculture diversification (B Schaerlinger), (4) the determinism of and conditions for relevant assessment of gamete quality using standardized protocols (C Fauvel), (5) an overview of gamete quality analysis and control with a special focus on transcriptomic and proteomic analysis (M Suquet & J Sousa), (6) the regulation of vitellogenesis and its relation to egg quality in fish (O Yilmaz), (7) the concept of epigenetics and the analysis epigenetic effects related to the male gamete (C Labbé), and (8) the concept of toxicogenomics related to gamete quality in fish and an overview of the effect of probiotics on gamete quality (O Carnevali).

The training school program was organized around 2 main practicals. In practical 1 (C Labbé, C Fauvel, C Labesse, N Chesnais, A Depincé), standardized protocols for gamete collection, fertilization, RNA/DNA extraction from gametes, sperm motility analysis (using CASA), and flow cytometry analysis were used by the trainees who were subdivided in smaller groups of 4 trainees. In practical 2, (A Le Cam, J Montfort, J Bobe) trainees had the opportunity to practice all the successive steps of microarray hybridization including microarray design, probe labeling and purification, hybridization, washing, signal extraction, data normalization, and statistical analysis. For this practical, Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) egg samples exhibiting low or high quality had previously been collected and used for RNA extraction. A total of 16 RNA samples originating from either low (N=8) or high (N=8) quality eggs could thus be hybridized on an Agilent microarray platform. Each trainee therefore had the opportunity to hybridize a 60K microarray.

According to the feedback obtained during or after the training school, the general feeling was that students enjoyed their participation in this Training School, which accomplished the objectives proposed.

Imagen1 pDownloadable file: Protocols WG1

Travel and Accommodation Information for Participants

The training school AQUAGAMETE “Molecular basis of fish gamete quality” will take place from Monday the 23rd until Friday the 27th of June (5 days) at the INRA Laboratory of Fish Physiology and Genomics, Rennes.
INRA Laboratory of Fish Physiology and Genomics
Campus de Beaulieu – Bâtiment 16A
35042 Rennes Cedex



Please make sure you arrive in time to be able to attend the course starting at 9.30am on Monday June 23rd. The course finishes at 16.30 on Friday June 27th.
– You can fly directly to Rennes airport which is 20 minutes from the INRA LPGP Laboratory
– Or alternatively you can fly to Paris (Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports). Then take a TGV train from Paris-Montparnasse station to Rennes station. This takes about 2 – 2.5 hours.
– When arriving in Rennes, the easiest way to reach the campus or your hotel is to take a taxi or a bus (see below bus lines and http://www.star.fr/). Bus tickets can be purchased directly from the driver (1.4 €).

There are many options for hotels in Rennes with easy access to the venue by bus. Find also below two hotel possibilities near the training course venue (also accessible by bus, line n°6), and one hotel located on campus http://www.campanile-rennes-est-atalante.fr/en.

– Hôtel Première classe
ZA Des Peupliers, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné
Tel: +33 2 99 83 71 12
Reservation Tel: +33 8 92 23 48 14
Email: rennes.cesson@premiereclasse.fr
Website: http://www.premiereclasse.com/fr/hotels/premiere-classe-rennes-est-cesson/
Price: €34-€38 / room for 1, 2 or 3 persons. Breakfast €4.90

– Hôtel Campanile Rennes Est-Atalante
Rue A. De Becquerel, Atalante-Beaulieu, 35700 Rennes
Tél: +33 2 99 38 37 27
Réservation Tel: +33 8 92 23 48 15
Email: rennes.atalante@campanile.fr
Website: http://www.campanile.com/fr/hotels/campanile-rennes-est-atalante
Price: €70-€78 / room for 1 or 2 persons. Breakfast: €9.90

– Hôtel Ibis Rennes Beaulieu
Rue du taillis, rue de Rennes, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné
Tel: +33 2 23 45 63 63
Email: H0689@accor.com Website: http://www.ibis.com/fr/hotel-0689-ibis-rennes-beaulieu/ Price: €83.50 / room for 2 persons (€71 if reservation is made 20 days in advance). Breakfast: €9.50

First Announcement

Dear colleagues,

The AQUAGAMETE COST Action (aquagamete.webs.upv.es/web) is pleased to announce the 2nd AQUAGAMETETraining School.
The 2nd AQUAGAMETE Training School is aimed towards young researchers (PhD students, young post-docs and MSc students) as well as representatives from industry.

The course will be focused on Molecular basis of fish gamete quality integrating different aspects and covering topics such as:

– Transcriptomic analysis of gamete quality, including practical microarray analysis of gamete quality
– Gamete quality assessment including practical cytometry analysis and embryonic outcome
– Scientific conferences on genomics & toxicogenomics, epigenetics, overview of gamete quality issues in fish and shellfish

The 2nd AQUAGAMETE Training School will highlight the most recent developments in each topic, promoting a strong interaction between experienced trainers working on different aspects of Molecular basis of fish gamete quality and trainees.

The course will take place between 23rd – 27th June 2014 at the INRA Fish Physiology and Genomics laboratory (Rennes, France, http://www6.rennes.inra.fr/lpgp_eng/ ) facilities and counts with the collaboration of IFREMER and University of Lorraine.

The number of participants will be restricted to 16 persons (priority will be given to students and early stage researchers with no experience in Genomics and with a professional project related to gamete quality). Financial support from the AQUAGAMETE COST Action (for travelling, meals, and accommodation, up to 800 euros) will be available for trainees.

Registration is available until de 11th May and both for students (free registration fee) and for industry representatives (300 euros). It includes access to all lectures and laboratorial practices, and support material.

The laboratory is located on Rennes University campus that is easily accessible by regular bus lines. A list of hotels will be provided to participants.

The application deadline is 11th May 2014 and complete applications must be sent via e-mail toaquagamete@gmail.com . Eligible candidates will be announced before the end of May. For more detailed information please contact Julien Bobe (Julien.Bobe@rennes.inra.fr).

 Applications should include:

  • Application form;
  • short Curriculum Vitae in the area (only for students);
  • motivation letter for participating in the training school, which should indicate the academic/professional status of the applicant;
  • letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or employer
  • Financial Support justification (only for students)

We would appreciate if you could forward this announcement via e-mail to colleagues or students who may be interested in participating. More information available soon at:  https://aquagamete.webs.upv.es/

Best regards,
Catherine Labbé, Christian Fauvel, Julien Bobe

Downloadable file: Application form for training course