7th Training School, Olsztyn (Poland), September 2016

Fish proteomics
Olsztyn (Poland), 26th – 30th September, 2016

Scientific report

The 7th Training School of the AQUAGAMETE COST Action, entitled “Fish proteomics” started on Monday September 26th. Organized by Professor Andrzej Ciereszko (Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences) it was run by the Training Team (Dr. Mariola Dietrich, Dr. Joanna Nynca, Dr. Mariola Słowińska, M.Sc. Agnieszka Mostek and M.Sc. Błażej Westfalewicz) and trainers: Professor Serhiy Souchelnytskyi from College of Medicine, Qatar University and Dr. Thomas Fröhlich from Laboratory for Functional Genome Analysis, Gene Center of the University of Munich. The training school was attended by 9 students from Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Italy and Poland.
The Training School was organized in 9 lectures, covering important topics related to proteomics, including: Introduction to proteomics, Intact-protein proteomics by 2DE and MALDI mass spectrometry, Techniques of sample preparation for proteomic analysis, Linking genomics and proteomics, bioinformatics (Professor Serhiy Souchelnytskyi); 2D Difference gel electrophoresis (Błażej Westfalewicz); Proteomics in fish reproductive research (Professor Andrzej Ciereszko); Proteomic in Reproductive Science, Protein databases, and Quantitative proteomics (Dr. Thomas Fröhlich).
The core of the training school was extensive hands-on practical training supervised by the Training Team and Professor Serhiy Souchelnytskyi. On Monday 26th each student performed protein sample preparations from different fish tissues then started electrophoresis in the first dimension (isoelectrofocusing) which was run overnight. On Tuesday morning the isoelectrofocusing was finished and preparation SDS-gels for the second dimension was commenced. Electrophoresis in second dimension started in the evening and was run overnight. On Wednesday SDS-electrophoresis was finished, followed by fixation of gels and staining. Then samples for mass spectrometry analysis were prepared, including digestion of selected spots with trypsin. Next day tryptic digests were prepared and loaded on MALDI target plates. Next analytical trainings were performed in i) computer analysis of gels and ii) mass spectrometry identification of proteins. On the last day of the training school all activities were focused on reporting results, presentations of individual achievements by the participants and concluding seminar.
In summary, the students were exposed to new area of research in fish reproduction and successfully accomplished all planned objectives. Their active participation was also inspiration for Training Team and lecturers.


Final programme

Downloadable file: programme-training-school-in-olsztyn

Second Announcement

Olsztyn, July 28th 2016

Dear colleagues,

Please find below some practical information regarding the Training School in Olsztyn.

Travel and Accommodation Information for Participants
The training school AQUAGAMETE “Fish proteomics” will take place at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn (www.pan.olsztyn.pl/en/).

By plain
-Via Warsaw (Chopin Airport) and then taking a train from the airport (station Warszawa lot. Chopina) or a bus to the main train station in Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna; about 20 min). Next taking a train from Warsaw main station (Warszawa Centralna) directly to Olsztyn Główny (2.5 h) or taking a bus “Radex” directly to Olsztyn.
http://www.lotnisko-chopina.pl/en/public-transport.html http://www.radex.net.pl/index.php/rozklad-jazdy/27-waw-ols

– Via Gdańsk (Lech Walesa Airport) and then taking a bus “Wagner” from the airport directly to Olsztyn (2.50h).
Train schedule can be checked at

– Via Szymany (Olsztyn Mazury Airport) and taking a train from the airport directly to Olsztyn

Map Poland
Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of Polish Academy of Sciences,
Division of Reproductive Biology,
Department of Gamete and Embryo Biology
Bydgoska 7 Str., 10-243 Olsztyn
tel. +48 89 535 74 22
fax. + 48 89 535 74 21
Vista aéreaFoto centro

When arriving in Olsztyn, the easiest way to reach the Institute or your hotel is to take a taxi or a bus (see below bus lines and http://www.zdzit.olsztyn.eu/transport-publiczny/rozklad-jazdy
Or the map
Beware that there are two Divisions of Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn: Division of Food Science and Division of Reproductive Biology. Division of Food Sciences is in the other part of the city (Tuwima Str.), do not get confused when you check our location. Division of Reproductive Biology is at the Bydgoska 7.

-Hotel Wileński
-Hotel Warmiński
-Hotel Omega
-Hotel HP Park
-Hotel Kopernik
-Hotel Relaks
-Hostel Tyrolski
-Hostel Astronom
-Dom Anderssona
-Wysoka Brama

Downloadable files:
Second announcement 7th Training School Olsztyn

First Announcement

Olsztyn, June 3rd 2016

Dear colleagues,

The AQUAGAMETE COST Action (aquagamete.webs.upv.es/web) is pleased to announce the 7th AQUAGAMETE Training School.

The 7th AQUAGAMETE Training School is aimed towards young researchers (PhD students, young post-docs and MSc students) as well as representatives from industry. The course will be focused on Fish proteomics and will include theoretical and practical classes. The course will provide an introduction to the field of proteomics and emphasizes hands-on experience with two dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrometry protein identification.

Specific topics include:
– Introduction to proteomics
– Proteomics in reproductive science
– Proteomics in fish research
– Techniques of sample preparation for proteomic analysis
– Two dimensional electrophoresis
– Detection of spots, digestion and protein identification
– Bioinformatics in proteomic research

The 7th AQUAGAMETE Training School will highlight the most recent developments in each topic, promoting a strong interaction between experienced trainers working in different proteomic areas and trainees.

The course will take place between 26 – 30th September 2016 at the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research in Olsztyn, Poland.

The number of participants will be restricted to 9 persons. Financial support from the AQUAGAMETE COST Action (for travelling, meals and accommodation) will be available for trainees. Registration will be available from 1st August and both for students (no registration fee) and for industry representatives (fee of 300 euros) and includes access to all lectures and laboratorial practices, support material and transport between facilities and main hotel.

The application deadline is 10th July and complete applications must be sent via e-mail to aquagamete@gmail.com. Eligible candidates will be announced by the end of July.

For more detailed information please contact Andrzej Ciereszko (a.ciereszko@pan.olsztyn.pl).

Applications should include:
• Application form
• Short Curriculum Vitae in the area (only for students)
• Motivation letter for participating in the training school, which should indicate the academic/professional status of the applicant
• letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or employer
• Financial support justification where candidates should estimate their costs in travelling, accommodation and meals during their attendance to the Training School.

We would appreciate if you could forward this announcement via e-mail to colleagues or students who may be interested in participating. More information available soon at: https://aquagamete.webs.upv.es/

Best regards,

Andrzej Ciereszko

Downloadable files:
First Announcement 7th Training School Poland
Application form TS Olsztyn 2016