University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Biotechnical faculty
Dept. of Animal Science

Ass. prof. Simona Sušnik Bajec and Dr. Aleš Snoj, senior research associate
e-mail:; ales.snoj@
Phone: +386 1 320 3944; + 386 1 320 3912

Biotechnical faculty, Dept. of Animal Science
Groblje 3, SI-1230 Domžale, Slovenia

Our group is a part of a Chair for Genetics, Animal Biotechnology and Immunology at the Dept. of Animal Science, Biotechnical Faculty. Members of the group are involved in process of higher and professional education and research in the field of phylogeny, phylogeography and population genetics with the aim to address the conservation of salmonid fish. Recently, we have extended our research to encompass functional genomics.
The group currently consists of 6 members: 1 assistant professor, 1 senior research associate, 1 researcher, 3 PhD students.

On-going research includes:
• Conservation of endemic salmonid fishes in the Adriatic drainage (Salmo marmoratus, S. obtusirostris, S. ohridanus, S. letnica, Thymallus thymallus)
• Identification and characterization of genes involved in Salmo pigmentation (micro-array analyses, RNA isolation, qPCR, cry section from skin, laser capture microdissection, transcriptome analyses, gene characterization)
• Development of new SNP markers for marble trout genotyping (new, fast system for differentiation between hybrid and pure bred individuals in hybrid zone)
• Taxonomic analysis of bullhead (Cottus sp.) in Slovenia and phylogeography in Balkans with application of molecular markers
•.Genetic background of translocated rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
• Phylogeny of Hucho sp.

More about our group:

Relevant publications
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Tolmin Angling Association and Faronika d.o.o.

Mr Dušan Jesenšek

Trg 1. maja 7
5220 Tolmin,

Ribiška družina Tolmin – Tolmin Angling Association was established in 1947 as a cooperative of sport fisherman along Soča and Idrijca River.
At present time it has 435 members from Slovenia and EU countries.
It is managing Tolmin Angling District, which contains 9 main rivers (138 km, 433,6 ha) and 107 streams which are used as sanctuaries and nurseries.
In 1990 the Association has built a hatchery and in 1995 a fish farm, both dedicated to artificial propagation of endemic and endangered trout species Marble trout (Salmo marmoratus) and Adriatic genotype of European grayling (Thymallus thymallus).
From 1993 the employees of the Association have been involved in scientific and practical conservation program on Marble trout, which has produced many scientific publications linked to trout conservation and in a practice it has helped to recover and save the species.
In 2004 a similar project was lunched concerning endangered Adriatic genotype of grayling.
Due to the increasing needs for sustainable aquaculture of endangered species the Association has decided to established a company – Faronika d.o.o. – which has a better means to access the founds for aquaculture.

Relevant publications

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