6th call


The Sixth Call for STSM (Short-Term Scientific Mission)-Applications

The COST network “AQUAGAMETE” is pleased to announce the 6th call for STSM applications.

Please note the special characteristics of this express call:

  • Deadline for applications is the 25th of January
  • Missions will have to be completed before the 15th of April

We encourage all potential applicants to consider the objectives of AQUAGAMETE and to apply according to the STSM guidelines (see COST Vademecum).

The deadline for applications is the 25th of January. Applications will be evaluated until 26th of January. The missions which are approved for funding in this call have to be performed in the period from 1st of February to 15th of April 2015.

The following documents (in English) are required for a valid application:

  1. COST STSM application form submitted via following web site:
  2. Project proposal with details on the working plan with an indication of the WG(s) and specific objectives of the Action related with their work (see https://aquagamete.webs.upv.es/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/FA1205-MoU.pdf)
  3. Financial request justification (how much the grantee expects to spend in travelling, accommodation and meals during the stay);
  4. A letter of motivation;
  5. A letter of support from the host institution;
  6. A short CV including a list of publications and the date of PhD defence (PhD title is not required).

The applications should be submitted to the STSM coordinator (psenicka@frov.jcu.cz) and office of the Chair of COST action Juan F. Asturiano aquagamete@gmail.com.


Within 2 weeks after end of the STSM, the grantee is required to send the following documents to the STSM coordinator and his/her host, with aquagamete@gmail.com in cc-:

  • A copy of the grantee’s passport.
  • Complete postal address of grantee.
  • A short (300 words) scientific report reviewed and signed by the host. It should contain a summary of the results reached during the visit.
  • A few (2-4) representative pictures (related to the work done, not sightseeing, please).

The report and pictures will be published at the AQUAGAMETE website.

Each publication produced with support of a STSM has to acknowledge the support of the COST Action. See acknowledgements text section down.

For more information, visit the following web site: https://e-services.cost.eu/stsm

Acknowledgements text

Two versions, short (for posters, i.e.) and long (for papers) are proposed:

Partially funded by……./Person A had a grant from… COST Office (Food and Agriculture COST Action FA1205: AQUAGAMETE).

Partially funded by……./Person A had a grant from… COST Office (Food and Agriculture COST Action FA1205: Assessing and improving the quality of aquatic animal gametes to enhance aquatic resources. The need to harmonize and standardize evolving methodologies, and improve transfer from academia to industry; AQUAGAMETE).

FA1205 MoU


In this call, the following STSMs were partially granted:

1) Martim Magro
Collage Magro

2) Elsa Cabrita
Collage Cabrita

3) Paulo Gavaia
Collage Gavaia

4) Ana Leonardo

5) Jelena Lujic
Collage Lujic

6) Zoran Marinovic
Collage Marinovic