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Advances in fish gametes and embryo research

Aquaculture journal has recently published a special number (Volume 472) entitled “Recent advances in fish gametes and embryo research”, which gathers 10 reviews written by several researchers participating in the AQUAGAMETE COST Action, dealing on different topics in this research area.

The special number is available here:

The ten titles of these reviews are:
-Biology of teleost primordial germ cells (PGCs) and spermatogonia: Biotechnological applications.
-Hormonal manipulations for the enhancement of sperm production in cultured fish and evaluation of sperm quality.
-Paternal contribution to development: Sperm genetic damage and repair in fish.
-Energetics of fish spermatozoa: The proven and the possible.
-Role of protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation in fish sperm motility activation: State of the art and perspectives.
-Fish semen proteomics — New opportunities in fish reproductive research.
-Epigenetics in fish gametes and early embryo.
-Maternal investment in fish oocytes and eggs: The molecular cargo and its contributions to fertility and early development.
-Integrated control of fish metabolism, wellbeing and reproduction: The role of probiotic.
-Cryobanking of aquatic species.